Hi, Welcome to ‘Singapore City 360’.

The most complete tourist guide in Singapore. With the latest Google map, you will never lost in this fascinating and vibrant city. With a simple mouse click, you could easily locate nearest restaurant, place of interest, night life spot and many more attraction near your hotel. The weather widget on the right hand side of the website also could predict the current + next 5 days of Singapore Weather, Temperature and humidity value. You could even experience virtual tour using Google Street View on the map. Just drag the Orange man (PegMan) icon and placed it any where on the map.

  • Roads with Street View imagery will appear with a blue border.
  • You can also enter Street View by zooming in all the way, for areas where Street View imagery is available

River Safari

River Safari offers visitors a wildlife adventure inspired by the world’s most iconic rivers, including the Amazon, Ganges, Mekong, Nile and Yangtze rivers. It has officially opened on 28 Feb 2014.