Ristorante Pietrasanta

Singapore is widely revered for its many excellent and varied fine dining establishments. It is a country which celebrates food in all its forms. From the first bite to the final mint, it is a country which celebrates the warmth and simple pleasure of taking time out from the rigors of modern life to enjoy the a meal over time.
Diners seeking the experimental will find more than a few eateries to feed their desire for sharp-edged design and small portions, but those who want food which invites good company and feeds the spirit will invariably find their way to Ristorante Pietrasanta.

Located in the green, leafy Portsdown Road, Ristorante Pietrasanta is a neighbourhood eatery of the most appealing kind. Owned and run by the Massimini brothers, Giuseppe and Loris, it is named for their home town in Tuscany. Coming from a town and family with a long history of authentic country cooking, the brothers have brought to Singapore a magical combination of familial warmth and a life’s passion for the hearty flavours of the family kitchen.

Not merely because it is a neighbourhood restaurant is Pietrasanta such a appealing place for a warming family meal, but because of the spirit in which is has been created. A love and passion for food and family welcomes all who like to share meals with their fellows, relax in an environment which lends itself to the gentle enjoyment of the finer things.

There is no mistaking the charm of Pietrasanta. The Massimini brothers chose to situate their special place in a beautiful old building from the colonial period, affording an unpretentious sophistication which perfectly disposes to the ethos of regional Italian food. The feeling of tradition is greatly enhanced by the use of natural materials and a general ambiance that evokes the colour and enchantment of a small town Tuscan eatery. The terrace adds considerable appeal and is the perfect place for a languid lunch on warm afternoon, although it is equally magical at night as long as the chill stays out of the air.

As all who know their food and restaurants are aware, a lovely venue, no matter how captivating it is, is an empty vessel unless the cuisine meets expectations. Enter Chef Loris. While Giuseppe oversees the running of Pietrasanta, making sure the lovely cellar is fully stocked with delightful Italian wines and that every nuance of hospitality is perfectly ready for all who come through the door, Chef Loris is hard at work in the kitchen. Naturally for a family steeped in such a rich culinary tradition, the food derives from the most authentic home recipes, many of which have been handed down through generations of family. This is not to say that Chef Loris hasn’t influenced a dish here and there. Like all great chefs, Loris is an artist and artistry is characterized by a flair for invention and innovation.

Lucky diners can expect range of delightful interpretations of traditional Tuscan dishes, from the known and loved to rare and yet to be discovered. Although Chef Loris has ventured to create dishes which surpass the expectations of the most discerning foodies, with details and nuances which speak of talent for reinvention, there are those dishes which simply refuse to be altered; the kind of delightful morsels which have been enjoyed at the heart of the home kitchen for decades and which Ristorante Pietrasanta offers up with pride to those who would like to sample the pleasures of traditional family recipes.

Of course, to create and recreate such hearty, aromatic and delightful recipes demands nothing less than the finest produce. From homemade pasta and gnocchi to delectable prize ingredients that have been sourced from the region itself, often directly from artisanal producers that can only be found if you know where to look, every ingredient that finds its way to the table and passed hungry diners lips has been deliberately chosen for its superlative qualities; qualities which impart those subtle notes and striking differences and make all the difference between a decent meal and a joyful dining experience.

Whether you prefer the pungent delights of perfect mussels in white wine or the lesser known pleasures of the finest veal tongue in a salsa verde with red capsicum pesto, this is where to find it at its best. You may find yourself enjoying a romantic meal on the terrace while the sun sets on Singapore or perhaps treating the whole family to a convivial day out with every course and all those lovely little sharing morsels. Day or night, intimate meal or festive celebration, you’ll always find the warmest welcome and a real passion for people and food at Ristorante Pietrasanta.

This love and passion may come directly from the home kitchen of the Massimini brothers, but it seems to have infected the entire staff. Apart from a wealth of knowledge about each dish and the wines which serve as ideal complements for flavors both robust and subtle, you’ll feel right at home, immediately relaxed and transported to a different time and place; a time when a Tuscan restaurant would have seen an endless flow of regulars and friends all passing though for a tasty bite and staying for the next course or four.

This spirit lives on in Ristorante Pietrasanta, in the food and decor as much as in the spirit of two brothers who have given their lives over to creating the kind of family eatery which they themselves would frequent.

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