As all who have ventured to the island-nation on the Malay Peninsula will know, it is a place where East meets West, where just about every one of life’s pleasures can be found. All visitors will surely be struck by the multitude of restaurants, and just how many of the globe’s cuisines are represented in such abundance. In a nation which has more than its fair share of Asian eateries, perhaps it is not surprising to find Thai cuisine represented, but those who love Thai food and venture to Patara will be surprised indeed.
The idea behind Patara is not simply to create an eatery which takes its prompt from Thai cuisine, but rather be an inspired restaurant of Thai fine dining where each of the delightful dishes on the menu has been realized in the most authentic way. Patara are experts in this art, an art which has been perfected and now realized throughout their 16 years of delivering the very best in Thai cuisine.

All too often do gourmets and hungry diners find that the food of an eatery doesn’t manage to equal that which they found in the country from where it comes, but those who have ever eaten in Bangkok will, at Patara, instantly recognize the true aromas and magical tastes of a cuisine which is not only authentic Thai food, but Thai food at its very best. Of course, there is a secret to Patara’s ability to create and, in many ways, trump the delights which are found in Bangkok’s eateries. For one thing, Patara enjoys a long and prestigious relationship with S&P Global, a Thai company which has some of the finest bakeries and restaurants in Bangkok.

Patara eateries can be found across the globe, always filled with hungry diners. Naturally, there is a Patara eatery in Bangkok, but there are also branches in London, Geneva, Beijing, Vienna. This partnership has allowed the chefs at Patara to make use of the finest, freshest imported ingredients and so bring the true flavours and textures of the best Bangkok cookery to the tables of their Singapore restaurant.

All the magical textures and fiery elements of true Thai cuisine are something rare enough, yet the food is not the only special aspect of Patara. Great food is best enjoyed in an environment which suits it. The warm ambiance of Patara is realized, in part, through a friendly and knowledgeable staff, always on hand to ensure your meal is everything a good dining experience ought to be. The warm tone and design reflect the heart of the food, and are never less than elegant and pitched at a fine dining clientele.

No matter what your taste, whether you lean towards the known and loved soups, perhaps a Tom Yum Goong as it ought to be prepared, or whether you hope to experience a regional delicacy which finds its way to a few menus outside of Thailand, then a meal at Patara will transcend expectations and leave you planning your next visit.

Be sure to sample their signature dishes, which include La Tieng – Egg nets with traditional fillings of crabmeat, chicken and peanuts; Hunglea Neau Nong – Slow braised beef shank in northern style curry sauce with sliced ginger; and Pla Gao Thod Sauce Takrai – a delicious deep fried whole garoupa in Phuket lemongrass sauce.

You’ll also find such tempting dishes as the Goong Ob Woonsen, a dish of prawns baked in a clay pot with glass noodles, ginger and spring onions. The desserts are also to be savoured, so keep at least room for a last mouthful.

Few pleasures can compare to a meal cooked by Thai chefs with ingredients direct from the best Bangkok suppliers. Arrive for the Koh Samui cocktails and stay for an evening of warm conversation and fiery flavours, all in the good company and great ambiance for which this magical Singapore eatery has become known.

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