One On The Bund

Singapore is nation synonymous with wealth, exoticism and great food. It is one of the world’s great culinary destinations and sees a continual influx of gourmets and expectant diners from all over the globe. Perhaps then it is not that surprising to find one of the superstars of the Hong Kong dining scene opening his new restaurant in this famed country of delectable wonders.
One On The Bund takes it names from the area in Shanghai, an area which owns similar touches of colonial heritage to Singapore’s Clifford Pier (which is now home to this marvel of a fine dining establishment). The building dates from the 1930′s and much of its erstwhile charm has been incorporated into the striking design.

Perhaps it is unfair to mention any of the creative elements of One On The Bund before mentioning Calvin Yeung, since the restaurant is his own in every way, from concept and design, to the food. Known throughout Hong Kong and Asia for his creative and contemporary revisions of Northern Chinese cuisine, he has brought his same flair for invention to Singapore.

Chef Yeung is not only the culinary visionary of One On The Bund, he is also responsible for the magnificent design. A self-taught interior designer, the interior oozes with his personal vision, one which is at once reverent of the building’s heritage and decidedly contemporary. Arched trusses span the entire length of the 10, 000 square foot space and have been incorporated to startling effect.

Just like the food at One On The Bund, the interior is all about fresh visions and inspired details. Calvin Yeung has even brought in some of his own art collection, which includes such alluring pieces as a vintage bed from an opium den and select pieces from his collection of vintage luggage.While Chef Calvin Yeung’s playfulness is evident the moment you step into his special space, the full extent of his genius only becomes apparent when the food comes into the equation. Those already familiar with his cooking might recognize a few signature dishes from Shui Hu Ju, his Hong Kong restaurant. Unless you know his dishes like the Crispy Lamb Ribs, you’re likely to find a first meal of signature morsels the best introduction to his special brand of creative contemporary cooking.

It doesn’t matter what you order, every dish celebrates one very important aspect – freshness. For Chef Calvin Yeung, this ‘freshness’ is not merely a cook’s routine approach, but a trait which comes from his childhood. Having grown up on the Honk Kong island of Cheung Chau, he has always valued the freshest ingredients. The island is still remarkable throughout the world in that its locals still fish in the traditional way of Chef Yeung’s childhood.

Every mouthful of a meal at One On The Bund will attest to the chef’s long love affair with fresh ingredients treated with care and more than a hint of playful creativity. Whether you’re standing in the bar or seated for a private meal in one of the three VIP rooms, you’ll find those around you excited at a prospect of their meal at One On The Bund.

From the likes of a Smoked Duck Tongue starter, to a main of Beggar Chicken and a decidedly amorous concoction from the patisserie, there is never any doubt that the food you are eating has been created by one who loves what he does and is passionate about sharing his ever-changing culinary vision with the world.

Be sure to sample One On The Bund’s signature dish – Wood-Fire Roasted Peking Duck. A favorite in China since the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Chef Yeung’s creation is suited to royalty. The duck is roasted slowly with Apple tree wood chip for its distinctive flavor, and then sliced to perfection before the rapacious diners. The whole process takes around 45 minutes. Good things clearly do come to those who wait.

Traditionally the crispy skin is enjoyed before the meat (thankfully a tradition that One On The Bund continues). Dipped in a fine sugar, it will instantly melt in your mouth. Next up is the succulent meat in fresh homemade wraps, and if that doesn’t suffice, guests can opt to add homemade noodles to the remainder of the meat and finish off with a lip smacking duck soup.In a country where a good Chinese restaurant is something of the raison d’être of fine dining, One On The Bund is set to redefine expectations.

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