Chey Sua Carrot Cake

Chey Sua Carrot Cake is a well-known hawker stall located in the heart of Toa Payoh, Singapore. This Michelin Bib Gourmand awardee stall is famous for its carrot cake, also known as Chai Tao Kway, a popular local dish made from white radish, rice flour, and eggs.

The stall has been operating for over 50 years and has a loyal customer base. The stall’s recipe for the carrot cake is a family secret that has been passed down for generations. The dish is prepared by first grating the white radish and mixing it with rice flour and eggs to form a batter. The batter is then steamed until it solidifies and is then cut into small cubes. The cubes are then stir-fried with garlic, preserved radish, and eggs until they are crispy and golden brown.

One of the unique things about Chey Sua Carrot Cake is that they use only fresh ingredients, including locally sourced white radish, which gives the dish a distinctive taste. The dish is served with a generous helping of sweet dark soy sauce and chili sauce, adding a delicious sweetness and spice to the dish.

Despite its popularity, the prices at Chey Sua Carrot Cake are very reasonable, with a plate of carrot cake costing around SGD $5.


  1. “This is the best carrot cake in Singapore, hands down. The texture is perfect, with a crispy exterior and a soft interior. The flavor is well-balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness and umami. The chili sauce adds a nice kick. Highly recommended!” – TripAdvisor
  2. “Chey Sua Carrot Cake is a must-visit for anyone looking to try authentic Singaporean cuisine. The carrot cake is simply delicious, with a unique flavor that is hard to find anywhere else. The stall is clean, and the service is friendly. Don’t miss out on this gem!” – Yelp
  3. “I had heard a lot about Chey Sua Carrot Cake before visiting, and I must say, it did not disappoint. The carrot cake was perfectly cooked, with a crispy exterior and a soft, chewy interior. The flavor was amazing, and the sweet dark soy sauce and chili sauce complemented it perfectly. The prices are reasonable too. Highly recommended!” – Google Reviews
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127 Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre, #02-30, Blk 127, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, 310127, Singapore

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