Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in Dempsey, Singapore. The restaurant is known for its unique concept of offering an elevated dining experience through the use of a custom-built oven and grills to cook their signature dishes. Chef Dave Pynt is the creative force behind Burnt Ends, and his philosophy of using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients is reflected in the menu.

The restaurant’s interior is sleek and modern, with an open kitchen that allows guests to witness the chefs in action. Burnt Ends has a laid-back atmosphere, and guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy their dining experience. The menu features a range of dishes, including seafood, meats, and vegetables, all of which are cooked to perfection on the restaurant’s custom-made ovens and grills.

Here are five online reviews about Burnt Ends:

  1. “This place is absolutely amazing. The flavors of the food are incredible, and the presentation is stunning. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a unique and memorable dining experience.” – TripAdvisor
  2. “I had high expectations for Burnt Ends, and I was not disappointed. The food was incredible, and the staff was attentive and knowledgeable. The chef’s use of the custom-built ovens and grills really elevates the flavors of the dishes. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a special night out.” – OpenTable
  3. “This restaurant is simply outstanding. The menu is creative and innovative, and the flavors are truly exceptional. The staff is welcoming and attentive, and the atmosphere is cozy and intimate. I would definitely come back to Burnt Ends and recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch dining experience.” – Google Reviews
  4. “I had an unforgettable dining experience at Burnt Ends. The food was exceptional, and the service was impeccable. The chef’s use of the custom-built ovens and grills really enhances the flavors of the dishes. The atmosphere is lively and fun, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Singapore.” – Yelp
  5. “Burnt Ends is a must-visit restaurant in Singapore. The food is amazing, and the staff is knowledgeable and attentive. The restaurant’s use of the custom-built ovens and grills really sets it apart, and the flavors of the dishes are truly unforgettable. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and I would definitely come back.” – Zomato


#01-04, 7 Dempsey Road, 249671, Singapore





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