General Information

Q. Can you tell me the date/details of an event in Singapore?

A. Visit http://www.yoursingapore.com to find out more information.

Q. I would like travel information on Singapore destinations.
A. You could find a lot of useful travel information on our website. Please visit pages on “Traveller Essentials” on the top menu. Besides that you could also browse some interesting pages on “Travel Guide” section.

Marketing Opportunities

Q. What advertising opportunities can SingaopreCity360.com offer me?
A. A number of other options are also available. Contact our sales teams for current advertising opportunities.

Q. How can I feature my product on your website?
A. Kindly send us a email with details description on your product.

These are just a few of the more commonly asked questions. For more information on regarding SingaporeCity360.com, kindly send email to [email protected]


River Safari

River Safari offers visitors a wildlife adventure inspired by the world’s most iconic rivers, including the Amazon, Ganges, Mekong, Nile and Yangtze rivers. It has officially opened on 28 Feb 2014.